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How to configure MFA for your user account


This guide will show you how the first-time activation wizard of MFA for your account is processed within the Cloud Commerce Portal. We will sign-on to the control panel for the first time with a user account that has not activated MFA yet.


  • MFA enforcement has to be enabled on Reseller / Customer level: HOW TO ENFORCE MFA FOR YOUR STAFF OR CUSTOMERS

  • Have a phone ready with an authenticator app installed. This can be a Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator or any other third party authenticator app that is compatible with Time based tokens and is able to ready QR codes for setup.

  • Have your personal Cloud Commerce Platform credentials ready. These can be created by your company account administrator.


  1. Open a web browser and access the Cloud Commerce Platform using URL: or

  2. Enter your username and password and press the LOG IN button.

  3. You are now redirected to the setup wizard for your authenticator app. If you have not already done so, install an authenticator app on your mobile device.

  4. Now open your authenticator app on your device. In this example we use the Microsoft Authenticator App. Open the menu in the top right corner and press the menu item to Add a new Account.

  5. When you are asked for the account type choose Other account option.

  6. Now you can scan the QR code that is presented on the login screen. Once detected the app will save it automatically.

  7. Now open the new Identity that was saved for our portal by pressing it in the app home screen:

  8. Now you can see the time-based token code. Copy it to the login page. Make sure the timer does not run out. The code is valid for up to 1 minute.

  9. You are now logged on and the authenticator app is configured. During your next login attempt you will be asked for the 2nd authentication code (OTP Code) from your app.

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