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How to configure Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) reseller status

The first time a reseller orders a Microsoft NCE product using the Reseller marketplace they will be prompted for a one time config.

Microsoft 365 NCE config

Microsoft 365 NCE config asking for reseller onmicrosoft tenant and CSP/local MPN

Microsoft Azure NCE config asking for reseller CSP/local MPN and optional Lighthouse ID

Once this config has been performed you can progress to ordering NCE products for your customers.
If you made the order using the end-customer store you will NOT be prompted for reseller information and the order will be put on hold till you manually do the config.

You will then find the config on the reseller 2tcloud portal when selecting the “Reseller Authorization” button.
No products will show here until an NCE product has been ordered.

Microsoft 365 NCE requires more information

Once the information has been updated and found to be correct you will see the following

Correct Reseller config for NCE Office365 and Azure

If you have further questions or problems performing your config please contact

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