This guide describes how to configure Nomadesk.



  1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel.

  2. Go to Users 

    • click on the User 

    • Click button 'Add Service'

    • Select 'Nomadesk - Secure cloud file sharing for your business'

    • Click 'Next'

    • If it is your FIRST Nomadesk user, then this will be Group Manager. This account can never be deleted!

    • Then click Finish

  3. Click on the Home tab (top of the screen)

  4. Within the Nomadesk group click on Nomadesk Users.

  5. You can change the Nomadesk admin user information by clicking on the e-mail address from the user.

  6. Optional: in order to create a new user go to the same screen as above and click button New. And in the dashboard you can manage additional users. 

  7. The rest of the configuration is done on the portal from Nomadesk. You can access this page directly on:

  8. Login with the Service User account. (Please note that the first Service user is also the Group Manager)

  9. The first time it will ask you to create a Vault:

  10. Here you can download the software: