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  1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel;

  2. Go to your Workspace 365 subscription which you want to manage;

  3. In the Home tab click “Create”

  4. The following screen is used to configure your new environment.Requirments:- For the Office 365 admin credentials you need an Office 365 global admin account- MFA must be temporary be disabled to complete the wizard (don't forget to enable MFA again)The account you register will become the Workspace 365 environment administrator.NOTE: Check the following article before continuing: Workspace365 best practices where you can find information you should create an new Administrator account special for this envoronment. After supplying all the required information press “next”;

  5. Check your settings
    Note: Do not use a personal email address, this synchronisation credentials can not be changes anymore!
    press “Finish”;

  6. You can now use your Workspace365 environment. Go to https://workspace365.2tcloud.com/ and follow the instructions to go to your login page.

    After creating you Workspace365 environment please read the following articles:
    Workspace365 best practices

    Additionally you could read the following articles:
    How to add an additional Workspace 365 user
    Launching local applications from Workspace 365
    How to set up Single Sign On