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How to configure your customer Tenant account with Microsoft 365

On the first login, a pop-up is then shown to perform authentication to the targeted tenant with a device code.

Follow the instructions as described and validate the device login code with an account that has sufficient rights.



Open a new browser window and browse to the location:


In this window, enter the copy which was generated by the platform.



Press NEXT to proceed with the registration.


In the next screen enter a tenant account that has sufficient rights to register the backup application. Typical this is the tenant admin account.


Confirm with the according password and optional MFA action.


The next screen gives warming that you're trying to log in at Microsoft Azure CLI

Confirm with the button Proceed.

The final step confirms that you're now logged on and you can close the window.


This is the final step in this browser and we now can revert to the portal page.

When connecting with the Azure CLI is established we proceed by clicking SUBMIT.




When clicking submit, the tenant is created on the VBO server.




As soon as a subscription is activated, you can start managing jobs for that tenant.

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