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How to configure your sender address for event notifications


Our Copaco Cloud Platform has serveral event notifications that automatically can send to your customers. This article describes how you can specify your sender address that customers will see when they receive a notification about an event.

Please note: by default, notifications from you to your customers are disabled. If you enable notifications, please be aware that these notifications will be send using Copaco Cloud brand (logo, color). Your company name will be included in the notification so your customers understand that this is a platform notification, automatically send through your portal.


  • Make sure you can login to our Copaco Cloud Portal

Getting started

  1. When you are logged in to our Copaco Cloud Portal go to “settings”.

  2. In the “Settings” menu click on “Notification Settings”

  3. Here you can specify the “sender name”, “Sender email address”, “reply to address” In this example we are going to use Copaco Cloud Support information.

  4. Click “Save”

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