How to create a certificate signing request (CSR) ?

Option 1: SSL provider

The preferred option is to create the CSR file with the CSR tool from your own SSL Provider

When you have created the certificate and you have also the Private Key you can add your own SSL certificate to Shared Webhosting

Option 2: 2tCloud

This option is not preferred, but it is possible to use the CSR tool from 2tCloud:

  1. Login 2tCloud (reseller level, not the customer level)

  2. Click My Profile (at the right top of the screen)

  3. Click SSL Certificates (under section ‘Personal Data’)

  4. Click button on the right: Create Certificate Signing Request

    1. Fill in the following details

    2. Click Next >>

  5. Click Download next to ‘Certificate signing request’

    1. Add (or rename) file extension from ‘PEM’ to ‘CSR

  6. Make sure Store private key in repository is checked

  7. Click Download next to 'Private key signing request' 

  8. Click Close


With this CSR file and Private key file you can request your certificate at your SSL provider.



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