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How to create a customer

Add new customer

Go to left side of the Partner Portal:
1. Select Customers
2. Add new Customer

Select Business Account
Fill out:
1. First name
2. last name
3. phone number: starting +31 ( for the Netherlands)
4. Email address

Note: 3 Contact Accounts are necessary:

  • Administrative Contact   This contact receives information about placed orders
  • Billing Contact   This contact receives the invoices with suggested retail prices.
    Please note, if you do not want the customer to receive this kind of invoices, use an email address of your own organization.
  • Technical Contact  This contact receives technical information

Account Information:
Necessary fields to fill out:
1. Company Name
2. Address
3. Zip Code
4. City
5. Country: The Netherlands
6. Province (via drop down menu)
7. Customer number of your administration program (Exact for instance) when using the Billing API which is available

Tax registration (VATnum) is optional.

1. Fill out the company name without strange characters
2. Password is filled automatically, not need to save, can always be change and only needed when you give your customer access to the end customer portal.
3. Add. The customer will now be generated

1. Reseller has the possibility to login to the customer portal, single sign on

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