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How to create a debit memo


This article describes how to create a debit memo



  1. First login to our Copaco Cloud Commerce Platform and go to 'Classic Panel'. Click on button:

  2. Next step is to switch to the billing part on the top right corner of your screen. Click on 'Billing':

  3. select documents in the left menu

  4. Select the customer and click “Add New Debit Memo”

  5. Select customer in account field

  6. Fill in Description

  7. Click on Next

  8. Add Detail, to raise a line on the invoice

  9. Fill in:

  10. Click on binocular to set the Tax Category, on default.

  11. Click on Add Detail

  12. Click on Add Detail: for an extra line on the invoice

  13. Click on Add Memo: to raise the debit memo

  14. Add Debit Memo: a new Debit Memo has been raised

  15. Find back your new raised Debit Memo, via Documents

  16. Click on Release: Debit Memo is send to the customer

  17. Order status is HOLD

Release Invoice via Add Payment

  1. Click tab 'Documents' and click on button “add new payment”

  2. Fill in the required information

  3. Select line with related invoice and clidk next

  4. Click on button “finish”

  5. Payments can be found by Documents

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