How to create a Destination NAT rule to allow inbound traffic

Prerequisites to this guide:


  1. Login to your Copaco VMware Cloud portal

  2. Find your Public IP address(es)
    Go to Networking => Edges
    In this case we have 2 public ip addresses: is the primary Edge Gateway IP address and is the secondary IP address


  4. Click on DNAT RULE

  5. Add the desired IP address and port, in this case we are Natting SSH on TCP port 22
    Original IP/range: Enter 1 of the IP address from step 2 (public IP)
    Protocol: Choose the desired protocol
    Original port: choose the desired port
    Translated IP/Range: Enter the IP address of the VM
    Translated port: choose the desired port on VM

    Click on KEEP

  6. Click on Save changes in Top right corner

EXAMPLE 1: Allow Remote Desktop connection

Allow incoming port 4415 to Virtual Machine on Remote Desktop port 3389 (default)

Do not forget to create a firewall rule to allow 4415