This article describes how you can create a Microsoft Azure site-site VPN to Copaco Hyper-V Cloud
NOTE: Copaco Hyper-V Cloud VPN uses IKEv2, IKEv1 is NOT SUPPORTED.
!!!!!!!!!! Azure Static Routing uses IKEv1 this is not supported by Copaco Hyper-V Cloud!!!!!!!



  1. Login to the Copaco Hyper-V Portal see How to login to the Copaco Hyper-V control panel

  2. Create a Virtual Network

  3. Enter a name and a location for the Virtual Network

  4. Enter a name for a DNS-server and enable Configure a site-to-site VPN.

  5. Enter a name for the Site to Site tunnel and enter the VPN Device IP Address and Remote VPN Address Space

  6. Enter the local Address Space and click on add gateway subnet

  7. Click on the Virtual Network

  8. Click on the Dashboard and then click on CREATE GATEWAY and select Dynamic Routing

  9. Click on Yes to proceed

  10. Please wait for this to Finish, this takes about 15-25 minutes:

  11. Copy the GATEWAY IP ADDRESS and click on MANAGE KEY to create a Preshared Key

  12. Copy the Shared Key.

  13. Generate some traffic to bring the tunnel up, after the tunnel is up you will see some data in DATA IN and DATA OU: