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How to create a NAT rule to allow outbound traffic to the internet on Copaco VMware Cloud

How to allow outbound traffic to the internet (create NAT and Firewall rule) on Copaco VMware Cloud


Prerequisites to this guide:

  • How to Create an Organization Network

  • How to create a firewall rule


vCloud Director

  1. Click Under Networking on Edges, select the Edge Gateway and click on Convert to Advanced GatewayConfirm


  2. Note the public IP Address under IP and click on Configure Services

Firewall Rule


  1. Create a Firewall rule to allow the outbound traffic Click on Firewall and click on the + sign

    A User rule is created

Click Under the Name  tab on the “New Rule” and give it a name
Click Under the Source tab on the “New Rule” on the user rule

Select the Organization Network and add it to the Filter

Click on KEEP

Leave the Default Settings and Click on Save changes

NAT Rule

  1. Now you can create a Source NAT rule (SNAT) to allow outbound traffic to the internet.

SNAT rule = internal to external
DNAT rule = external to internal


Original Source IP/Range: use the ip subnet from Organization network:
Translated Source IP/Range: Use the public IP address (step 2) from the Edge Gateway

Click on Save Changes on the Top right corner

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