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How To Create a Service User / Customer Staff Member


This article describes how to create one or more service users to which services can be assigned to.


  • A staff member account with the 'Account administrator' role


  1. Go to 'Users'

  2. Click 'Add new users'

  3. Fill in the required fields and choose the desired options

Options in this screen:

  • Assign Staff member roles (Default roles for staff members are ‘Staff member defaults' and 'Account administrator’)

  • Add more users in this wizard by clicking 'One more user'

  • Use a different login name than the notifications e-mail address (Login name should be unique throughout the platform)

  • You can assign available services to the user

  • You can choose to sent an activation e-mail to the user so that the user can directly choose their own password, you can also choose not to send the e-mail but to manually activate the user after creation

4. Click 'Next' when you are finished creating users

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