How to Create a site-2-site tunnel from a Zyxel Zywall U40 to Windows Azure Pack

  1. Login to the web interface and go to VPN => IPSEC VPN

  2. Go to VPN Gateway and click on Add

3. Enter a name for the Gateway and choose IKE VERSION IKEv2
Choose the outside interface and enter the ip-address of the 2tCloud Gateway, in this case the gateway is 

4. Choose for Pre-Shared Key and enter the key Change the SA Life Time to 28800

5. Enter the Phase 1 settings as follows:
Encryption: AES256
Authentication: SHA1
Key Group: DH2

6. Create address rules for the local and remote subnet

7. Create a VPN connection with the previously created Gateway in step 3

8. Choose the previously created address rules 2tCloud-VPN_Local and 2tCloud-VPN_Remote
created in step 6 and choose the Phase 2 settings:
Encryption: AES256
Authentication: SHA1
Perfect Forward Secrecy: DH2