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How to create a user


You can create Service Users in 2tcloud to assign one or more services to, such as Office 365, Acronis, Nomadesk etc. Using a service user for services is a good way to easily manage the user and services assigned. For example; In case of a password reset, you can reset it on the service user and it will update the password for all assigned services


  1. Click ‘Users' > 'Add new users

  2. Fill in the user details and assign a service. If you do not have available service(s) at this moment you can assign these later.

Please note that you can add multiple users in this section by clicking ‘One more user' before clicking 'Next

When you want to let the user choose there own password and let the user activate their own service user account, you can mark the checkbox 'Send activation mail to users'

You can also activate the service user account yourself after creation

How to activate a service for a service user

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