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How to create a user on Customer level


You can create users for your customers so they can manage their own environment. This article will describe how to do this and the different roles that can be assigned to each user.


  • An Administrator account on your reseller portal;

  • One or more customers;

Getting started

  1. Login to your reseller portal.

  2. Navigate to the customer by going to SELECT ORGANIZATION and select the customer.

  3. Navigate to Users and click Invite New.

  4. Fill in the fields to create the account:

    • Email: Enter the e-mail address from the person you wish to add

    • Role: Choose the role you wish to assign to the account. See User roles overview for an overview with permissions.

    • Organization: Will be filled in automatically

    • Identity Provider: Cloud Portal Log in

  5. Click Invite

  6. Have the user check their e-mail to activate the account.

  7. Let the user navigate to the login page of the reseller and click Cloud Platform Log in.

  8. Click Sign up.

  9. Create credentials and click Continue

  10. The user can now login.

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