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How to create a Vcloud Organization Network


This guide describes how you can create a Copaco VMware Cloud Private Network.

Prerequisites to this guide


  1. When logged in in your Vcloud director environment in the left menu go to “Networks”

  2. Within networks click the “add” button

  3. In the “New Organizational VDC Network” wizard select the network type “Routed”

  4. Click “Next” and provide a Name for the network and configure the Gateway CIDR (this is the IP address that you want to use as Gateway address)

  5. Click “Next” Here you have to select your Edge and click “Next”

  6. If you like you can define a static IP pool here. If you don’t want to define a static IP pool you can leave everything default and click “next”

  7. Now you have to configure DNS and click “Next”

  8. On the “Ready to Complete” step you’ll find a summary of the network settings that you are going to create

  9. When everything is fine, click “finish” The network appears under the “network” section and is ready to be used by your virtual machines.

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