This article describes how to create a virtual machine



  1. Login to the Copaco Hyper-V Portal see How to login to the Copaco Hyper-V control panel

  2. Open menu “virtual machines”

  3. Click the butten "new" to start deploying a new Virtual machine.

  4. Go to option "Standalone Virtual Machine" followed by "From Gallery".

  5. Pick a Server version. In this example we go for Windows Server 2016 Standard.

  6. Please input you computer hostname (MAX 12 characters) and admin password . You can leave the Product key empty, the Windows license is included in the Virtual Machine price.

  7. On the next page you must configure the network adapter

  8. A confirmation pop will appear once provisioning of you VM is ready.

    To upgrade Virtual Machine resources, please follow guide: How to upgrade Virtual Machine resources