This article describes how you can create a virtual network (vnet)


  • You need to have an active Copaco Hyper-V subscription

  • You need to have bought resources see add resources

  • You need to have a client device ready to connect with


  1. Login to the Copaco Hyper-V Portal see How to login to the Copaco Hyper-V control panel

  2. Go to the Menu option "NETWORKS".In the lower left corner click "NEW”


  4. Add an name for this Virtual netwerk and subscription click “next”

  5. Add Public DNS servers or add IP's of your own DNS servers if you will set them up later.

    • Enable NAT translation if you require internet acces from your virtual network.

    • You can setup your site-to-site VPN, but you can also do this later on.

    • Please use the default Gateway Subnet. Don't change this setting if you don't know what you are doing. The gateway subnet must differ from your IP ranges.

    • Enable BGP if you have setup this on your VPN connection.

6. In the next step add a network subnet you want to use for your virtual network. Please make sure the subnet you pick is not in use for the local customer network. You will experience routing issues when setting up a VPN connection. To change the default subnet of you should first add a new subnet before removing the default.

7. Press the button “next” button  to complete te network creation wizard.
8. You will be notified by a popup message when te creation is finished.

10. To create a virtual network rule, see …