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How to: Create additional Acronis users


Acronis is provisioned with one generic administrator account which can be used to configure the environment and create and manage backup plans etc..

You might want to create additional users for managing the Acronis environment or to give the users the option to create and manage their own protection plan.

In this article I will describe how to do this from the Acronis management portal.


  • An active Acronis Cyber Protection Cloud subscription

  • Access to Copaco Cloud portal with an account which has the role ‘Account administrator' or the administrative credentials to manage the customer’s Acronis subscription


  1. Open the Acronis management console

    1. Option 1: Log in using the credentials of the customer’s administrative account using URL: or

    2. Option 2: Log in to with an account with the ‘Account administrator' role and log on to the customer portal > Click the menu item ‘Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — End Customer’ > Click button 'Acronis Cloud Portal’

  2. On the Acronis overview page, click 'Manage account'

  3. Click ‘Company management' > 'Users’

  4. Click ‘New' > 'User’

  5. Fill in the desired user information and choose the desired 'Services and Roles'

  6. After clicking 'Create', the user will receive an e-mail to set a password and configure the account.

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