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How to create an SPF record for preventing e-mail sent from 2tcloud to be marked as spam


The 2tCloud control panel sends out notification messages in your name. Notifications exist for sending invoices, new account orders, expiry notification or one time passwords.

Spam filtering systems rely on a technique called SPF to block or mark messages as spam, if they are send from an unauthorized mail server. In order to allow all 2tCloud notifications you should add the following mail systems in your SPF record.

Our billing control panel module for invoices(Invoices, orders placed, subscription expiration alerts):

Our Provisioning system module (Azure One-time passwords for new accounts)

Our Spam filter relay hosts, used for one time passwords (Office365):

To make it easy for you to manage SPF we provide a single record that you can include so all above will be whitelisted at once:


How to create or update your SPF record?

You should add the SPF record in a DNS record on your domain name. The website can help you properly format the record.

For example;

  1. My domain name is

  2. I would like all MX servers and A records listed in my DNS to be automatically accepted in SPF.

  3. I accept all servers used by 2tCloud to send mail in my name.

  4. I want all mail failing to match my filter to SoftFail (marked as spam, but not rejected)

The following SPF( TXT) record should be created in my DNS:  IN TXT "v=spf1 mx a ~all"

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