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How to create and manage Backup Jobs

Backup jobs can be created and managed by a Reseller in the VBM portal on Make sure you sign in with the reseller credentials that you have configured during first order placement. Customer/Tenant users are only allowed to perform restores from backup jobs by default.

Via the Backup jobs menu, you can add, modify and delete backup jobs on your tenant.


Filtering on jobs 

It's easy to filter the status of the current jobs by clicking on the status


Then only the corresponding jobs with the selected status are shown:

Job history 

By clicking on Sessions, you drill down on a specific job and see all the current and past sessions

Also here filtering is possible on the type of the session. 

 To drill down to the lowel level of logging of a job, you click on the corresponding log and all details including timings are then shown.

Filtering is possible, which is handy, especially on long-running and extensive jobs. You can immediately drill down to the lines which are causing fails, warnings,... 


Manage jobs

 All jobs can be started, stopped, modified or deleted from the Actions icons 

1) Start job

Click here to immediate start the job

2) Disable job

Click here to disable (pause) a job. The job configuration will remain, but will not executed until it is enable

3) Edit job

Click here to edit the current job, this functionality is standard not available for a tenant admin

4) Delete job

Click here to delete the job, the complete job configuration is lost, this functionality is standard not available for a tenant admin

Add / Edit backupjobs

Adding or modifying a job is an easy task.

Go to the jobs overview and click on the modify icon of the corresponding task.

The wizard will open and will guide you through all the steps.


Step1: Job name and description

You can modify the job name and add a description if needed. 

 Proceed to the next step by clicking Next.


Step 2: Select the objects to backup. You can select the entire organization of make a manual selection of Users, Groups, Sites, Teams, and Organizations


Proceed to the next step by clicking Next.


Step 3: adding exclusions

Here you can add exclusions for specific Users, Groups, Sites, Teams or Organization-wide data

Proceed to the next step by clicking Next.


Step 4: Define Proxy and Repository

In this step, you can select the proxy which will connect to the tenant and the repository where the backup will land.

Proceed to the next step by clicking Next.


Step 5: Schedule

In the last step, you can define the backup schedule. You can select between daily backups, specific days of the week or periodeically backups (e.g.every X hours )


Retries can be defined in this screen and the time between the retries.


A specific window can be selected when the backup shouldn't run.



Finally close this wizard by the Save button to save al the changes

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