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How to create Deluxe Marketing Suite Website


This article describes how you can add a domain to your web hosting package and how to create a new website.


  • A web hosting subscription.

Getting started

  1. Login to your Deluxe Marketing Suite Control panel via:


  2. In the top right of your screen, hover over your name and click Services.


  3. Click the cog and click Add Domain to add your domain to the website hosting space.

  4. Fill in the fields to add the domain. You can enter any password in the password field and click Add.

  5. Go back to the home screen and click Create & Manage Your Websites.

  6. Click Create New Site.

  7. Select the domain you added in step 4 and click Next.

  8. A basic website has now been created.

  9. Hover your mouse over your name and click Services.

  10. Click the arrow in front of your subscription to expand it and click Manage.

  11. Under website builders you have several options available to install you website like Joomla and WordPress.

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