This article describes how you create virtual network rules for your vitual network (Vnet)



  1. Login to the Copaco Hyper-V Portal see How to login to the Copaco Hyper-V control panel

  2. Go to the Menu option "NETWORKS".

  3. Open the Virtual Network in which you wish to create the new rule

  4. Go to the tab Rules

  5. On the bottom of the page, click Add Rule

  6. Fill in the required information and afterwards continue by clicking the checkmark

    • Name - The name of the rule (e.g. Remote Desktop)

    • Protocol - Choose the protocol the data will be sent on (e.g. TCP)

    • Source port - On which port the data from the internet will arrive on at the virtual network (e.g. 5000)

    • Destination IP Address - Choose / Fill in the IP to where the data should be sent (e.g. ExampleVM)

    • Destination Port - On which port the server will recieve the data (e.g. 3389)

  7. In the example given a rule has been created that allows a Remote Desktop Connection to ExampleVM on port 5000 of the IP of the virtual Network.