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How to customize the customer control panel


The Cloud Commerce Portal allows you to hide control panel UI controls that you as a reseller do not want to show to your customers. There are thousands of UI elements shown and most of them can be hidden from view. We will show you how to hide control panel UI controls for the customer control panel. These customizations are global system settings affecting all customer accounts created by the reseller. We will also redirect you to common customizations to let you easily set them up yourself.


  • You will need access to the Cloud Commerce Reseller Control Panel with administrative permissions.

  • To properly customize the panel and test the consequences you need to spend some time setting up and testing the customizations.


  1. To get started you need to log on into your reseller control panel.

  2. When logged on, switch to the “Classic Panel” interface to modify advanced settings. Press the “Classic Panel” button in the top of your web interface.

  3. You are now in the Classic Reseller Control Panel (Operations side).

  4. In the lower-left corner, open the menu item “Settings”.

  5. Within the settings menu, find the “Control Panels” list of configuration options and open URL to “UX1 Navigation”.

  6. Within the extensive list of possible UI controls, you will need to trace the function used for the menu item that you want to disable. Please note that this setting applies to all of your customers. There are multiple pages with 100 controls per page.

  7. To disable parts of the control panel UI for your customers first mark the checkbox before the UI control and then press the “Hide” button in the top menu. You can reverse the change by repeating this step and pressing the “Show” button. If you do not remember if this UI control should be shown or hidden in the default settings. Just press the button “Reset to Defaults”.

  8. You are now ready to start customizing your customer's control panel experience. We have prepared a separate article with a few common customizations set up by resellers. Please browse the separate for examples.

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