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How to disable a customer

It is recommended that all customer subscriptions are cancelled before continuing with this guide:
How to cancel a Subscription


  1. Log in to the Reseller Control Panel and click 'Classic Panel':

  2. Go to the Billing side of the Reseller Control Panel(when you are in Billing side, you will see in the top: 'Operations')

  3. Go to the Customers section

  4. Click on the customer you wish to disable

  5. On the bottom of the page click the button Cancel Account

  6. If preferred enter a comment and change the Reason Code, otherwise click Place Cancellation Order.If any subscriptions were not cancelled before starting this guide, the subscriptions will be cancelled now

  7. You have now disabled the customer

    If for any reason the cancellation failed you can use the support form
    to contact support. We will need to know which customer you are trying
    to disable and if available the error message.

  8. Tip: You can also rename the old customers name (adding 'old') to
    make no mistakes in the future. But you can also filter customers on
    account status 'Active'.

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