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How to enroll as Indirect Reseller


This article describes the steps to be enrolled as an Indirect Microsoft reseller.

!Resellers who want to order subscriptions for own use

Warning: The Microsoft account you use for Indirect Reseller sales to your customers cannot contain "Own  Use" CSP subscriptions for your business.

If you want to order subscriptions for "Own Use" you need to create a new Azure AD tenant and register this one as Indirect Reseller, otherwise you may skip this section and proceed to 'Register tenant as Indirect Reseller'.



  • Registred as a Microsoft Partner

    • Location MPN ID (not the Global MPN ID)

    • If you're not yet registered as Microsoft Partner and as such do not have a Microsoft Partner Netwok (MPN) id, start with enrolling as Microsoft Partner

  • Global admin credentials of your Partner Center (Primary Contact)


Create new Azure Tenant: 

Follow the steps below to create a new Azure Active Directory tenant and link this new tenant to your Microsoft Partner Center account

  1. Follow the steps described in Create a new Azure AD tenant to create the new tenant and be sure to name the new tenant as a variation of you main tenant name for example appended with 'Reseller'. Also select your specific country/region instead of 'United states' as mentioned in the article

  2. Create a new admin user in the newly created tenant and assign the Global Admin role: Create a new Azure AD user
    (in the Azure Active Directory you have to use the button 'Switch Tenant', to select/go to the new created tenant)

Associate new tenant:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Partner Center ' ' with a Global Admin of your original tenant
    (not the new created global admin from new tenant)

  2. click on the gear settings icon and click on Account Settings

  3. click on 'Azure AD-profile' (if you do not have this , then click on 'Partner settings' below the gear settings menu)

  4. click in menu on 'Tenants' 

  5. click button 'Associate'

  6. Sign in with the Global Admin of the newly created global admin from the new tenant

Now you can proceed with registering your new tenant as Indirect Reseller using the steps below.

Register tenant as Indirect Reseller.

When you are going to sell Microsoft subscriptions using Copaco as CSP, you need to enroll as Indirect Reseller with Microsoft and connect Copaco as your Indirect CSP.

  1. Visit the following URL:

  2. Scroll a bit down until you see the following steps:

  3. Click on: Enroll as indirect reseller

    Note! When requested to log in, use your partner tenant login of the tenant you want to have enrolled as Indirect reseller.
    Should you have created a new tenant and attached this to your partner center portal, then use a global admin from that tenant to have it enrolled as indirect reseller. 

  4. When you've completed step 'Enroll as indirect reseller', continue in 2tcloud control panel, click the Microsoft 365 menu item followed by 'Configure'. If this Microsoft 365 menu item is not available, you should upload your MPN ID to our partner site to activate it:

  5. Fill in the required information and make sure to enter the domain that you registered as Microsoft Partner

  6. Continue with the following steps:

    1: Click 'Authorize Indirect CSP Provider' (This asks for Microsoft Global Admin credentials of the registered Microsoft Partner tenant as provided in 'Initial Microsoft Domain' )
    2: Copy the record value and add the txt record in the Microsoft tenant on the * domain Add txt record to domain
    3: Click 'Refresh' followed by 'Confirm and Submit'


 Now you've completed the Indirect Reseller configuration.

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