All Cloud Services will be provisioned with a subscription expiration date mentioned on the Control Panel. The Partner and/or the Customer may cancel and terminate Cloud Services via their Control Panel before the auto-renewal date, otherwise Cloud Service subscriptions will be continued automatically.

You can find the auto-renewal in the Billing Information at each subscription.



  1. Classic panel on reseller level

  2. Billing

  3. Find the subscription you want to know the auto-renewal date of

  4. Click on the subscription

  5. Locate section "Main"

  6. Find the Expiration Date

  7. Scroll down to section ‘Billing Information’

  8. Find the Auto-Renewal field

  9. Subtract the Auto-Renewal from the Expiration Date

  10. Now you have the date the subscription renews automatically


Auto-Renewal period for 

 Copaco 2tCloud Partner Fee

5 day(s) before Expiration Date