Where do I find the account credentials for a new Microsoft Azure subscription?

You should first use this guide to order Microsoft Azure.
How to order Microsoft Azure for a customer

When you order Microsoft Azure you have 2 options to provision your subscription.

  1. Activate your Azure subscription on a new Microsoft Account.

  1. Activate your Azure subscription on an existing Microsoft Account that is already used your Office 365 in the customer account.

After placing your order provisioning will take approximately 2 hours to complete. If your subscription is not ready after 24 hours, please raise a support ticket with 2tCloud to check for issues.

Once provisioning is ready, and you have picked the 1st order option the system will send an e-mail to the customer account staff-member user with a one-time password to the newly created Microsoft Account. If the customer has multiple Staff-Member accounts, the first created account will be used. This e-mail will be send “from” the reseller’s e-mail address configured. The e-mail will have the subject “Your Access Details to the Microsoft Azure Portal”. To find the staff member e-mail address configured on the customer account follow these steps; How to find or change the Customers Staff-Member e-mail address

If you have picked the 2nd provisioning option to activate your Azure subscription on an existing Microsoft Account you will not get an e-mail with the password. You can use the existing credentials from your Office365 environment to login to the Microsoft Azure Portal.


If you did not receive an e-mail, your spam filter might have blocked the message. It is important that that you configure your domain name to allow messages send form 2tCloud systems in your name.

Please read the following Knowledgebase article to properly setup your domain name "from" address with SPF. 2tCloud e-mail notifications send from your e-mail contact address