When you experience slow website performance you maybe can use this article to improve it.


You can benchmark you website with to see which components are responsible for the slow performance, see example

Enable FPM and Nginx caching

You can also try to eneable FPM and Nginx caching to improve the performance

Caution! If your website has .htaccess file with a lot of rewrite rules and other website settings, then PHP-FPM served by Nginx would break functionality. Also, the website code has to be compatible with the latest version of PHP.

1 . In your customer control panel go to “Webhosting plesk” menu and choose “more tools”

2. within plesk go to “PHP settings”

3 Select the “run PHP as FPM application served by Nginx” and apply the change

4 Now you can enable the Nginx caching. Go to “Apache & Nginx Settings”

5 Under Nginx settings enable “enable nginx caching”

You can use the default settings as configured above
- Cache size: 64 MB
- Cache timeout: 5 seconds
- Cache key: $scheme$request_method$host$request_uri

6 click “Apply” to save settings