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How to install a different SSL certificate on the Deluxe webhosting?

  1. Login to the webhosting portal:

  2. Click the Web Apps tile

  3. Click SecuritySSL Manager

  4. Click the cog icon and choose Erase Certificate

  5. Click Install and choose what kind of certificate you would like to install

    • Free Basic SSL is a certificate provided by Deluxe. It only secures one domain. If you choose this certificate you can only choose between “www” and “non-www”.

    • Vanity SSL is an option to install a certificate purchased from a 3rd party vendor.

    • My Own Certificate is an option to install your own certificate if you have a certificate with matching private key.

  6. Enter the information in the mandatory fields, agree you have filled in the correct information and accept the Certificate Subscriber Agreement.

  7. Choose whether you want to redirect your website from http to https

  8. Click Next

Note: It may take up to 24 hours before a Free Basic SSL Certificate is active. In our experiences it usually is active within 3 hours. If you use the My Own Certificate option it should be active immediately.

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