Resellers now have the ability to place orders for their customers directly in their reseller marketplace. Due to this change the Customer marketplace is disabled by default.

This article describes how to make the Customer marketplace available again for all customers under the reseller account.


  • A staff member account with role ‘Account Administrator' and 'Staff Member Defaults’ assigned


  1. Switch to 'Classic panel'

  2. Click ‘Operations' (when ‘Billing is displayed, you’re in 'Operations'’)

  3. Go to ‘Settings' > 'Security

  4. Click on tab ‘Customer roles' followed by 'Account Administrator'

  5. Click ‘Edit' followed by a click on tab 'Privileges

  6. At the bottom of the page click 'Edit' and enable the following options

  7. Click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page

Now the marketplace should be available for all your customers.