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How to migrate (Change of Channel) an existing Exclaimer subscription to Copaco Cloud

In case you have an existing Exclaimer subscription and you want to do a Change of Channel (migrate this to Copaco Cloud), Please fill out the form below, copy /paste in your email program and send it to

Hello Copaco Cloud,

I would like to request an Exclaimer migration for the customer below.


Reseller name (as known at Copaco Cloud)

End-customer name (as known at Copaco Cloud)

Exclaimer Subscribtion ID

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

After we have received the change of channel request, Copaco Cloud will contact Exclaimer and ask for a migration. This may take up to 5 working days until it is completed. As soon as we have received an approval for change of channel, we will receive the following from Exclaimer.

  • New API Subscribtion ID

  • Correct SKU of the license in use

  • Number of licenses

With these values, Copaco Cloud will place a new order for Exclaimer in the Copaco Cloud marketplace under the name of the end customer so that an import can be made on our platform. When ordering is completed, the new subscription can be managed via our marketplace.

In case of any questions or help by the change of channel request, please contact our sales at:

Netherlands: +31 (0)40 2306 340 or by email via

Belgium: +32 (0)53 2811 07 or by email via

For technical support please contact +31 (0)40 2306 205 or visit

It is not possible to migrate trial subscriptions or subscriptions that have been decrepitated

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