• The guide uses a procedure which will cause downtime on your server. We therefore suggest you plan this during a maintenance window.

  • If you use DNS records to point to the VM, we recommend changing the TTL of the DNS records to 5 minutes for the scheduled maintenance period. If the TTL remains default the new DNS record could take some time to start being used by the internet. After the maintenance periode you are able to change the TTL back to normal as a low TTL causes higher load on the DNS server.

  • Each V-net has 1 external IP address.



  1. Open the WAP portal you added the V-net in.

  2. Shutdown the VM with the public network interface

  3. When the VM has the status Stopped go to the tab Configure

  4. Attach a new Network card using the Attach button and choosing the option Network

  5. In the Attach a network to the virtual machine wizzard choose the created V-net and click the checkbox

  6. Wait untill the network card has been attached to the VM and then select the network card with the public IP address and click Detach

  7. After the networkcard has been detached go back to the Dashboard

  8. Start the VM

  9. Go to the created V-Net and open to access its settings

  10. Go to the Rules tab

  11. Click the Add Rule button on the bottom of the page

  12. Fill in the fields in the wizzardName: Name of the ruleSource Port: Port that the internet will connect to on your external IP.Destination Port: Port that is listening to the corrosponding service on your VM.

  13. Repeat step 10 and 11 untill all the ports that you require have been forwarded.
    At this point the VM will be reachable on the V-net public IP. If you are using DNS records the service will work as soon as the DNS record change has been updated on the internet.