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How to order an Acronis subscription


If you like you can order an Acronis subscription for your customers. This article describes how you can do this.


  • Make sure you can access our Copaco Cloud Portal.


  1. Login to our Copaco Cloud Portal.

  2. Click on “Select Organisations”.

  3. Click on the customer for which you want to order Acronis.

  4. Click on “Acronis”.

  5. Click on “View Offers”.

  6. In this example we are going to order Acronis backup for M365. Click on “Buy now”.

  7. Here you have to select the action “create an organisation” and enter a unique email address.
    Note: if you see a yellow triangle after acronis tenant domain you have placed a failed order earlier. You need to ignore this.

  8. Check the checkbox “create tenant” and wait till the tenant status is changed to “Tenant Succesfully created”.

  9. Now you need to refresh the page (you can use F5).

  10. Now the tenant is created and you can place the order.

  11. We are going to buy “1” license Click “Add to cart”.

  12. In the next window click “confirm”.

  13. At the “shopping cart” Click “Place order”.

  14. Agree the “Terms & Conditions”

  15. You have now succesfully placed the order.

  16. You will find an activation in the mailbox that you have used in step 7.

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