This guide describes how you can order Copaco VMware Cloud.

Imported notes:

  • Customer Control Panel CCPv1 is not supported, only UX1 (Switch between CCP v1 and UX1 for Customers

  • Registration and password mails are send from Technical Contact (Reseller) to the Customer Staff Member emailaddress. Because 2tCloud control panel sends out notification messages in your name, so please check your SPF record.


  1. Login to the customer control panel in UX1 interface.

  2. Within UX1 for Customer open the "Marketplace".

  3. Locate sales category with the name  "Virtual Servers & Datacenter | Copaco VMware Cloud"

  4. Select a Plan and click on Next

  5. Enter an Organization name and click on Next

  6. Choose the desired resources and click on Finish

  7. Verify the order, Agree to the Terms & Conditions and click on Purchase

  8. There will be send 2 mails (the from emailaddress is from the Reseller (Technical Staff Member)

    1. An email with title 'Copaco VMware Cloud Order' to the Reseller (Technical Staff Member)

    2. An email with title 'VMWare vCloud Director Login Details' to the Customer Staff Member


Optional: How to change the Copaco VMware Cloud Organization Administrator Password


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