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How to order Copaco VMware Cloud NEW


One of the products you can sell to your customers is Copaco VMware Cloud. This article describes how you can do this.


  • Make sure you can login to our Copaco Cloud Portal.

  • Make sure you have created a customer and activated them. (See How to create a customer)

 Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the customer by going to SELECT ORGANIZATION and select the customer.
    Please note the customer needs the ‘Active’ status. Otherwise you won’t be able to purchase subscriptions.

  2. Click VMware and View offers under Copaco VMware Cloud.

  3. Click Buy now on the offer you wish to purchase.

  4. Fill in the required information.
    - Commitment period = Month.
    - Cloud Director Organization = This is either empty or a string of random letters and numbers.
    - Action = Place an order, Create an Organization or Remove IP.
    Please note: You should use the Create Organization if the ‘Cloud Director Organization’ field is empty. If it is filled in, you can choose Place an Order. The Remove IP option shouldn’t be used in the creation.

  5. Create an Organization:
    This step will create a new Cloud Director Organization. If you already have one, you can skip this step.
    - Organization Admin Username = The e-mail address where the login details should be sent to.
    - Check the ‘Submit Organization' checkbox.

  6. Press F5 to refresh the screen.

  7. Place an Order:
    This step will create the environment. You choose your resources in this step.
    - Datacenter location = Location of the datacenter where the VM should be created on.
    - vCPU Cores = The total amount of vCPU needed.
    - vCPU Speed = The speed of each vCPU core.
    - Premium Performance Storage = The total amount of storage needed.
    - Memory = The total amount of memory (GB) needed.
    - Public IPv4 Address = The total amount of IPv4 addresses needed.

  8. Enter additional information (optional)

  9. Review the information and click Next step.

  10. Confirm you will pay upfront for the first month by clicking Confirm.

  11. Choose whether you want to add add-ons or click Skip. In this example we skip the add-ons. See: <PLACEHOLDER> on how to order SPLA or Veeam for Copaco VMware Cloud.

  12. Review the shopping card and click Place order.

  13. Agree to the Terms & Conditions of Copaco VMware Cloud and click I Agree.

  14. Your order has been placed.

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