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How to order Deluxe Marketing Suite Website Hosting


This article describes how you can order Deluxe Marketing Suite Web Hosting and how you can gain access to your website hosting control panel.


  1. When logged in to customer control panel go to “marketplace” and search for “webhosting” Click add “Add to Cart” for the subscription you want to order

  2. Choose the amount of websites and the additional email accounts you want to order and click “Next”

  3. Here your contact email address will be displayed. This email address will be used to reset your password later on. Click “Next”

  4. In the order overview accept the agreement click “Buy”

  5. Wait till provisioning is completed.

  6. After provisioning is completed you will see a new menu in the customer control panel named “Deluxe Marketing Suite” Here you will find the login information to your webhosting panel

  7. Click on the “Click here to define your Password” link

  8. Now enter your username which is displayed in step 6

  9. wait till you received an email on the email address which was displayed in step 3 and click OK.

  10. In the received email copy the link and open it in a private browser to make sure caching and cookies are not an issue

  11. here you can choose an new password and click “ok”

  12. now you can login to the Webhosting control panel

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