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How to order Microsoft 365 subscription for new Microsoft Tenant


One of the products you can sell to your customers is Microsoft 365. This article describes how you can do this.


Getting Started

  1. When logged in to our Copaco Cloud Portal click on “Select Organisation” in right top corner.

  2. Click on the Customer name for which you want to place an order.

  3. Click on “View all” to see all your product categories of products that you can sell to your customers.

  4. Click on “Microsoft 365”

  5. In this example we are going to order a Microsoft 365 Exchange Online (plan 1). Click on “view offers”.

  6. Here we choose “Microsoft 365 Exchange Online (plan 1)” click “Buy now”.

  7. Here we Click on “create new”

  8. Enter your new domain name and click “Save”

  9. On “create new tenant domain” menu click “Done”

  10. Now wait till the newly created domain is listed in the “Tenant Domain” Box

  11. Now you have the following options
    Quantity: number of licenses that you want to buy. In this example we leave it at “1”
    Term duration: here you can specify your commitment ( monthly or year) in this example we choose monthly.
    Billing Cycle: If you chose a “Term duration” of one year you can specift here if you want to pay on based “Annual” or “Monthly”. In this example we leave it on “monthly”

  1. Click “Add to cart”

  2. Now you need to confirm the order by clicking on “Confirm”

  3. Now you need to fill in and accept the Microsoft MCA Agreement. Click “I Agree”

  4. Now you redirected back to the purchase wizard. Click “Add to cart” again to place the order.

  5. Now you need to confirm the order again. Click “Confirm”

  6. On the left you get an overview of your shopping cart. Click “place order” to place your order

  7. Now Accept the “Terms & Conditions” Click “I Agree”

  8. Here you can view your order or continue shopping

  9. When the order is complete you will receive a notification and Microsoft Tenant login credentials on the Primary customer email address

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