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How to order Microsoft Azure Plan (NCE)


This article describes how you can order Microsoft Azure (NCE) for your customers



  1. Go to the Marketplace section

2. Click Infrastructure and Cloud Platform

3. Select Microsoft Azure and select Microsoft Azure Plan to add to cart.

4. Follow the steps clicking Next

5. Select the right option, if you want to create a new Azure environment for your customer you select

register a new Microsoft Azure subscription with a new domain. Choose your Microsoft Domain. (If you want to import an existing tenant you select import an existing Microsoft Subscription….)

6. Add all the needed credentials and accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement for your customer.

7. Click purchase and continue shopping

8. NOTE: if this is the first time you order the New Azure Plan for a customer, then following steps are required once. Go to Reseller authorization.

9. You will see Microsoft Azure in your Manage settings product overview. Click Microsoft NCE requires attention and follow the steps.

When done, this button will change in Manage

10. You have done all steps, when you go the specific customer and click on Microsoft Azure NCE you will see please wait while your Azure Plan provisioning request is being fulfilled

11. Azure Cost Management is a new functionality available in Azure Plan. Get started via

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