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How to order Microsoft Cloud for new tenants


This article describes how to order Microsoft 365 subscriptions for customers that don’t yet have a Microsoft tenant. The tenant will be created during this process.


  • Information of the person that can accept the MCA 


  1. Go to the customer

  2. Click menu item 'Marketplace'

  3. Click category 'Workspace And Productivity'

  4. Click through the categories which contains the desired products and leads to the subscription that you want to order and click on the subscription to add it to the cart, for example:

  5. Click on the shopping cart to view the contents of the cart

  6. Here you can add additional resources and click on ‘Next' when you’re done

  7. Choose ‘Sign up for a new Microsoft Online Account' and fill in the desired tenant name, the fields for the ‘Microsoft Customer Agreement’ and don’t forget to mark the checkbox to agree with the 'Microsoft Customer Agreement'

  8. Set the ‘Payment Method' to ‘By Invoice’ when requested and mark the checkbox to agree with the 'Microsoft CSP Terms and Conditions

  9. After the subscription has been provisioned successfully, set the 'Company Administrator' password by going to the menu item ‘Microsoft 365' followed by a click on ‘Actions’ > 'Change Password

  10. Now you’re all set to log into and configure the newly created Microsoft tenant by clicking 'Log in'

Additional steps in customer Admin Portal

In the case your customer has special characters in the companyname, they could get issues with OneDrive For Business.
Reason: Windows computers can not use all the special characters in files and folders.

How to change the Companyname:

  • Login the Microsoft Admin Portal from the client

  • Go to 'Settings' -> Companyprofile

  • Then you can edit the companyname: Remove all special characters like: 

    • .

    • /

    • \

    • &

    • etc

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