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How to request a Change of Channel

To request a change of channel, you can complete the following steps.

Change of Channel from Workspace365 Direct Partner to Copaco Cloud

First, all parties must agree to the Change of Channel

  1. The end customer must agree that the new service provider will take over the Workspace 365 services

  2. The current service provider has agreed to the transfer to the Copaco Workspace365 tenant

  3. The new service provider has agreed that Copaco Workspace 365 will invoice them for services

All these agreements may be forwarded by email to

Submit a ticket to request the Change of Channel

Submit a ticket via or via

The application must at least state:

  1. Your company name

  2. Name of the end customer

  3. What you want to be executed (Change of Channel)

  4. Written agreement from all parties

  5. Your agreement with the one time fee of € 350 excl. VAT.

As soon as we receive this, we will submit the request to Workspace365. When the Change of Channel has been completed, our Sales will contact you to place an order in our platform, after which a subscription can be created.

NB! To place an order you must have an active Copaco Cloud partner status. More info on

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