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How to resize a Windows 365 Cloud PC


When you ordered and set up a Windows 365 Cloud PC it can happen that the system does not perform as planned for the programs you are using on it. On a physical PC you would then upgrade the memory, cpu etc..

A Windows 365 Cloud PC is not very different, you also have the option to configure the same machine with more resources such as memory, CPU and storage.

This article explains the steps on how to upgrade resources on a Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Please take note that this is only an option for the Windows 365 Enterprise subscriptions and that you can only upgrade the resources. Downgrades are not an option.


  • A Windows365 Enterprise subscription


  1. Order a new Windows 365 Enterprise subscription with the desired specifications or add an additional license if you already have a subscription with the desired configuration but require an upgrade for a different Windows 365 Enterprise subscription with lower specifications.
    How to order a new subscription

  2. When the subscription with the desired number of licenses is available, assign the license to the user.
    How to assign and release licenses from users

  3. When the correct license is assigned to the user the following steps are the performed in the Microsoft portal, you can continue with the Microsoft article below that explains how to upgrade a Windows 365 Cloud PC

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