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How to restore M365 mailbox


This article describes how you can restore an M365 Mailbox.

Before you can perform a restore the user you use for authentication needs te have the required roles and permissions, see:


  1. Login to our Veeam for M365 portal

  2. Click on the tenant for which you want to perform a restore

  3. When logged in to the tenant click “Start restore”

  4. In the restore wizard, in the “type” settings select “users mailbox” and click “next”

  5. Select the restore point from whhere you want to restore

  6. Select the user and click “next”

  7. click “restore mailbox” and click “next”

  8. Copy the URL and paste in another tab.

  9. Enter the code and click “next”

  10. Enter the username of the global admin that we have given the required rights and roles to perform a restore. ( see warning in the summary section) and click “next”

  11. Click “continue”

  12. Now you can close this tab

  13. Click “start” to start the restore

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