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How to setup a syslog server in vCloud


In some cases it may be needed to check the log of the Edge firewall. To do this, you can install a syslog server application on one of the VM’s for the customer. This article will describe how you can do this.


  • An active Copaco VMware Cloud subscription;

  • An account with administrator permissions on the Copaco VMware Cloud environment.

Getting Started

  1. Install a syslog server application on one of the internal VM’s. An example would be: tftpd64

  2. Login to the customer tenant environment from Copaco VMware Cloud.

  3. Click Edges in the left panel of your screen and click the name of the edge.


  4. Click Services.


  5. Click Edge Settings and click EDIT SYSLOG SERVER. Enter the IP address from the server.


  6. Go back to the Firewall tab and check the checkbox next to the firewall rule you wish to enable logging.


  7. The logs are now displayed in the tftpd64 window.


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