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How to solve an MPN ID problem with Microsoft

Fact about MPN ID

  • needs to be renewed every 365 days 

Error messages when ordering

If there are problems with the MPN ID, you can not submit an order and you will get the following error messages:

  • Partner with Id 1234567 is not valid for Offer 

  • Invalid partnerId: 1234567

Microsoft Partner Console

You can log in at, where you can view your partner ID and perhaps find some more information about your partner status.

Important: only the Primary Program Contact can re-activate and is able to the exact expiration date.

More information:

Your MPN ID is a contract with Microsoft and in the case you have problems with the MPN ID you have to solve this problem with Microsoft. Below you find some information to contact Microsoft.


When you have an active MPN-ID again:

  1. enter your MPN ID in 2tCloud Partner portal

  2. Wait 24 hours (it can take up to 48 hours before your active MPN-ID is synchronized in all Microsoft platforms)

  3. Resubmit failed order


Error: 'Partner Center requires a different type of account'

Most likely you have a personal login and not an Office 365 Microsoft Tenant login.

If you are logged in with your personal login in your Partner Environment and you have this notification you can also create a new user. Then you would have something like this: “” and you can continue to renew your membership.

Get support from Microsoft 

Option 1: Chat

Go to

In the right bottom you will see this:

Option 2: Call

Partner Support UK: +44 3448002400

Partner Support (Toll Free) 1 800 676 7658

If you require immediate assistance, you may go to the support admin portal and open the Administration dashboard and select the red "Need Help?" button and click the "Call Me" option and the next available agent will contact you immediately.

More information

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