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How to submit a technical support request NEW


We will do the upmost to provide excellent support. Our engineers can support you at best if they have all relevant information regarding the issue. Please provide us with all the information and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please note that before submitting a ticket you should visit our FAQ pages to search for Frequently Asked Questions and how-to’s with regard to the control panel and cloud services. Maintenance and the status of our services are displayed on the status page.

Getting started

There are several ways of creating a ticket with our support engineers. Our Business hours are 08:00 – 18:00 on weekdays.

  • Send an e-mail to Please note that tickets created by e-mail will always be considered "Low" priority.

  • Call the support department at +31 (0)40 2306 205.

If you have chosen to create a ticket through the partner portal; please read the information below:

Choosing your priority:
High: several of your customers experience downtime with regard to the same service
Normal: a customer or a user experiences downtime or non-performance with regard to a service
Low: a customer experiences limitation or wants an adjustment with regard to a service

In case of high priority you may contact us by phone after submitting a ticket.

Please note that high priority may only be selected in case several customers experience downtime with regard to the same service. False high priority calls will be downgraded to lower priority and will be charged at the applicable rates for additional support.

The final priority is determined by 2tCloud Support. Depending on the priority attached to a ticket, 2tCloud strives to meet the following response times:

High: no later than 2 hours after notification during business hours
Normal: no later than 4 hours after notification during business hours
Low: no later than 12 hours after notification during business hours.

In case your ticket should be handled with precedence, you may request us to respond to your ticket within 2 business hours at the cost for additional support (€ 31.25 per commenced 15 minutes). High priority calls will take precedence over paid calls. Copaco does not guarantee that it is able to meet requests to respond within 2 business hours. In that case, the costs for additional support will not be invoiced.

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