This article describes how to upgrade virtual machine resources


  • You need to have an active Copaco Hyper-V subscription

  • You need to have a virtual machine, see how to create a virtual machine

  • You have bought resources that you want to add to your virtual machine see how to add resources


  1. Login to the Copaco Hyper-V Portal see How to login to the Copaco Hyper-V control panel

  2. Go to the menu "Virtual machines" and check the status of your virtual machine. The Virtual machine should be powered off before you can add resources to the virtual machine

  3. To shutdown your Virtual machine click on te name and choose shutdown

  4. Click on "Shutdown" and confirm with "Yes".

  5. Once the VM is shutdown, go to the "Configure" tab.
    Under the “virtual machine size” you can resize you Virtual Machine hardware configuration

  6. If you have selected the correct hardware configuration click “save”and confirm

You can also expand the harddrive for a virtual machine

  1. To Expand you Virtual harddisk, you can select the disk, and click button "Expand".

  2. Fill the new disk size an confirm with the button.

You can also epand a new harddrive to a virtual machine

  1. Attach" a new Harddisk to the virtual machine

  2. give the disk a name and attach it

You second NIC interface in case you need access to multiple networks from the same Virtual Machine.

  1. Attach" a new network to the virtual machine

  2. Select the network that you want to attached