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How to Upsize and Downsize Licensing Quantities in NCE M365


Microsoft has revised the handling of upsizing and downsizing licensing quantities for partners in New Commerce Experience. Below guide shows the special requirements you might encounter regarding the new policies

Upsizing/Downsizing Process

  1. In the subscription, navigate to Change Resource Limits.

  2. Change the Resource to its New Limit by clicking the + and - buttons, or enter a new number. Then click OK.

  3. Downsizing license quantities is not possible after 72 hours of the subscription provision.
    If the upsize/downsize was unsuccessful, you will see this screen. In this case, the reason the attempt was rejected was because 72 hours had already elapsed. The Cloud Platform will automatically detect this condition and present the indicated error message that the proposed action is not complying with the terms from Microsoft.

    If the upsize/downsize was successful, you will see this screen. It confirms that +2 License units were successfully added.


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