Microsoft does not allow a single customer to have Azure CSP and Azure NCE subscriptions at the same time. If you want to transition from Azure CSP(legacy model) to azure NCE you must transition all customer subscriptions at once.

We have 2 migration scenarios:

-Azure tenants with 1 subscription
-Azure tenants with multiple subscriptions.

The following steps are to migrate your Azure Legacy tenant with multiple Azure CSP subscriptions to Azure Plan(NCE).

Check in the customer tenant how many Azure subscriptions are present and if more than one is present then please follow the steps below, otherwise follow the article Migrate Azure Legacy to Azure plan - Azure tenant with 1 subscription :

The Migration:

  1. Open a support case with the Copaco Cloud Support team and ask them to initiate the Azure CSP to Azure NCE conversion from the Microsoft Partner center (CSP Provider panel). You cannot use the self-service feature in the control panel. It will only work for the one subscription scenario. Copaco Cloud support team will help you to transfer all the subscriptions to Azure Plan for this customer and make them visible in the Copaco Cloud platform.